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A success story from the depths of the earth

Heat and electricity are among our basic needs in life. Just like fresh water, clean air, healthy food, access to education, technological progress and work. All these "elements" contribute to our quality of life and prosperity.

Energy plays a key role here – because the fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal are finite. The future belongs to renewable energy sources.

For Erdwärme Grünwald GmbH, supply security is our top priority. The aim is to extract renewable energy from the earth and distribute it as heating energy to private citizens, companies, institutions and municipal properties on a permanent basis.

In contrast to other renewable energies such as hydropower or solar and wind energy, geothermal energy is always available, regardless of the time of day, season or meteorological conditions. Geothermal energy is therefore a permanently available, domestic, crisis-proof and environmentally friendly energy source.

This is the starting point from which the municipality of Grünwald launched the Grünwald geothermal energy project on 8 October 2008. A 100 % municipal energy provider that relies on the local, regenerative geothermal energy. The geothermal source is located in Laufzorn, in the neighbouring municipality of Oberhaching.

In Bavaria, energy use (heat supply and electricity generation) is concentrated in the Molasse Basin south of the Danube. Here, the Malm is potentially the most productive thermal aquifer in Bavaria.

In autumn 2010, work began on the construction of the Grünwald district heating network, and in autumn 2011 the first customer in Grünwald was connected to geothermal district heating. By the end of 2017, the district heating network had already been completed – practically every street in Grünwald has been connected to geothermal energy since then.

In the meantime, around 3,500 residential units in Grünwald are connected to the CO2-neutral geothermal heat – including large consumers such as Bavaria Film, many companies, the Schlosspassage with around 40 shops, the Grünwald leisure park, schools, kindergartens and retirement homes.

In addition, EWG has been producing green electricity in its ORC power plant since the end of 2014 and feeding it into the public grid.

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