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What makes us stand out?

EWG is one of the pioneers among municipal energy suppliers in the field of geothermal energy. About 20 years ago, we began to use the hot earth beneath our feet. Today, around 23 employees work hand in hand to reliably supply our customers with district heating day and night.

Our values

As EWG employees, we see ourselves as part of the big picture. We work together in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation and always treat each other as equals. Our managers lead in an appreciative, results-oriented and motivating way. They ensure that the working environment suits the personal strengths of our employees.

Energy is necessary for development of economic power and quality of life in our region. We assume this responsibility together because we, as an energy provider, play an important part in this. But it's not only our job. We call this region our home and treasure this safe and charming location.

We always have our customers' best interests in mind, and it is our tireless efforts in particular that make the difference. That's why we want employees who help shape our customers' heat supply of today and tomorrow. Employees who develop results efficiently together in a constructive and fair collaboration and pursue our common goals with a positive attitude in order to ensure the success of our company.

We are fully dedicated to the energy revolution and the sustainable future of our region. Work with us on shaping the future for our region! Geothermal energy, district heating network expansion and the future of heating are exciting challenges to which we seek new and better answers every day. So we can continue to safely and reliably supply people with heat in the future and at the same time contribute to preserving our living environment.

That's why we not only encourage people to take the initiative and contribute their own ideas, but we also actively support them.

As an energy provider, commitment and reliability are central to everything we do. We provide a safe and motivating working environment so that our employees can concentrate on our common success and keep their minds focused on customer-oriented solutions. We reward our employees' efforts with attractive remuneration in accordance with the collective wage agreement and share the company's profits with our employees. Our salary extras go far beyond the usual.

We know that life is not only about work. That's why we create a working environment that gives our employees the freedom they need in addition to their jobs - so that their lives remain in balance.

Join the team!

Together we are shaping the future of heat supply and help the climate in the process! To do this, we need people with commitment and perseverance. Ready to join us in mastering one of the greatest challenges of our time?

Geothermischer Energiepreis Bayern - Goldenes Kraftwerk 2020
Geothermischer Energiepreis Bayern - Goldenes Kraftwerk 2020


For the second time in a row, the geothermal plant of Erdwärme Grünwald (EWG) has been awarded the title of "Goldenes Kraftwerk" (Golden Power Plant).
"With geothermal energy, we are proving that we can supply the population with local heat in the long term – and at socially acceptable prices.

Managing Director of EWG

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