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Standard house connection

For your connection to the district heating network, costs for the house connection itself and a contribution towards the building costs of the district heating network ("Baukostenzuschuss" / BKZ) are incurred. In order to simplify billing, the municipal council unanimously decided to give customers the option of opting for a lump-sum payment for a portion of the house connection costs with defined capacity ranges.


metres house connection pipe included


euros municipal subsidy


euros CO2-savings bonus max.

Included in the price*

  1. 30 metres of house connection pipe from the property boundary to the house transfer station
  2. Opening the trench to lay the pipe (approx. 1 x 1 metre)
  3. Backfilling the trench and compacting the surface
  4. The core drilling for laying the pipe into the house
  5. The house transfer station itself

*If your heat output is between 101 and 200 kW, you also pay a one-time building cost contribution of 21.40 euros gross per kW.  

If your system's capacity is between 201 and 500 kW, you also pay a one-off building cost contribution of 10.70 euros gross per kW.

For customers with a system capacity greater than 500 kW, we charge the building cost contribution and the house connection costs separately.

EWG will pay for up to 30 metres of your house connection pipe. If your pipe length from the property boundary to the house transfer station exceeds 30 metres, we charge this additional length separately at 214.00 euros gross per metre. In the case of larger properties, a length of 30 metres is often not enough to reach the respective building from the property boundary. Of course, EWG will then also lay the additional pipes that are necessary for the house connection on your property.

Of course, EWG will provide you with an offer before starting the work and will then carry out the work together with qualified partner companies.

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