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One of the most productive geothermal wells in Bavaria

The rule of thumb says that the temperature of the thermal water increases by three degrees Celsius for every 100 metres of depth.
This means: the deeper it is, the hotter it gets.


Metres depth of production well


Temperature of the pumped water


Litres / second of delivery

Strong numbers

The drilling for the doublet well in Laufzorn started in autumn 2009. It was completed in spring 2010.

The production well, from which the hot water is brought up, reaches the water-bearing malm rock at a depth of 3,755 metres. The reinjection well returns the cooled water into the ground at a distance of around 2 kilometres and a depth of 3,428 metres.

Strong results

In June 2010, the results of several weeks of testing were clear, they once again exceeded expectations: At the Laufzorn drilling site, the water bubbled up with a temperature of 127° Celsius at a rate of 140 litres / second. One of the most productive geothermal wells in Bavaria.

The borehole in detail

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